Surely there’s a worthwhile replacement for google reader?
spook: conversation. it’s awesome
there actually aren’t that many because Google reader cornered the market so well
the existing ones are certainly shaping up before sign-off day though
sheldonh: where is it?
that’s a shit name since it’s not googleable >:(
* sheldonh weeps for the species.
Decide in your heart of hearts what really excites and challenges you, and start moving your life in that direction. Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow, and the day after that. Look at who you want to be, and start sculpting yourself into that person. You may not get exactly where you thought you’d be, but you will be doing things that suit you in a profession you believe in. Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s answer to the question “Any advice to a young person who wants to get into this field?”, from his spectacular reddit IAmA (via apoplecticskeptic)

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Free will at the office

Me: Have you read Free Will by Sam Harris?

Rory: What’s it about?

Me: You’re seriously asking me what a book called Free Will is about?

Rory: Well you can’t judge a book by its cover.




  1. Saving you time.
  2. Saving you money.
  3. Putting you first.

Fuck off, it’s not all about you.

He doesn’t want you because you’re mean and evil. He wants me because I’m nice and sweet and pure. So fuck off!

— Robin, in Once Bitten (Thanks, Helzibah!)

Delicious irony from Airbrake.

Delicious irony from Airbrake.


andrelopesmrx said: hi mate,I found a patch of yours, posted 2 years back. I have the very same problem, I want 12bits lenght vhids to keep them aligned with vlan ids. Did you face some side effect using it? I wonder why it was not merged to the branch. Any information you could give us is very welcome. Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure we backed it out, but I don’t remember whether that was because it crashed FreeBSD, or because it crashed adjacent switches. Sorry, I know that’s not very helpful. In the end, it was cheaper to give up and throw more firewall pairs at the problem.

The problem with managers is that they’re totally disconnected from the everyday doing getting done. In a pinch, they wouldn’t be able to do it if they tried. They can only talk about doing it, because that’s the role they’ve had to play, for their boss who can’t talk about doing it at all. He can only talk about talking about doing it. The more abstract level. The work around the work around the work. Where the bets are made.

The Management Problem — Whitney Hess


Another advantage of values is that they’re easy to fabricate.

So for testing it’s really fantastic that you can fabricate inputs, to test programs using any technology. You don’t have to get the class library that has the right classes and interfaces and relate it to the stuff that you used in your program. Your program takes data, you can now write another program that produces data to test it.

And also for simulation purposes. So when you start raising your testing up to the next level, and you’re trying to drive your program to different kinds of situations, all you need to do is algorithmic generation of data to get a variety of simulation points for your program.

If your program can only get into a particular state by a series of interactions through objects, how are you going to algorithmically drive that program to different kinds of test cases? It’s a huge problem. It’s just a mess.

Whereas, if you can just algorithmically generate data, you’re done.

And again, it goes to this point about places. With places, you have to emulate an operational interface. It’s a ton more work. And also when you want to drive it, you have to drive it through the operational interface instead of with data.

Rich Hickey in The Value of Values

Rich provides clear context for this notion of "Place" earlier in the talk.